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Victory Police Motorcycles Police Q & A

Below are some questions and answers we received from a 21 Year Veteran Motor Cop about Victory Police Motorcycles.

Q: What do you currently ride for your police motor bike?

A: Honda ST1300

Q: What other brands/models have you ridden for work/pleasure?

A: For work: the Kawasaki KZ1000.  For pleasure, I previously owned a 2007 Harley Davidson Road King and also currently own a 2007 Custom Saxon Firestorm.
Q: How would you describe the difference in shifting between the Cross Country and your current/past Police motor?

A: The Cross Country is definitely much smoother shifting and I particularly like the gear-driven primary drive, the true overdrive 6-speed and the way they designed the transmission so that Neutral is very easy to find.

Q. What has been your experience with the reliability of the other motor(s) used for work?

A: First of all, without taking anything away from the older Kawasaki model obviously with newer updated technology - in many ways that bike may pale in comparison.  That being said, I enjoyed riding the Kawasaki, it was extremely manuverable and I was amazed to find out its capabilities during training where we rode the Kawasaki on terrain that you would not expect a street bike to be ridden.  The biggest problem I had personally was with the electrical and charging system; the battery would be easily drained with the emergency lights going and during the hot summer months. As far as the Honda, they are very reliable bikes; they rarely break down and they are also every bit as manuverable as the Kawasaki and the ABS breaking system is impressive.
Q: How does the seating position compare to your Honda Police Cruiser?

A: I'm much more comfortable on the CC.  I prefer the upright seating position where your feet are positioned forward as though you are sitting in a chair, also I really like the stock gel seat that the CC comes with.On the Honda, you're leaning forward more, with your feet underneath and behind you on two foot pegs as opposed to foot boards.

Q: What would you rather ride all day on Police Duty?  The Honda or the Victory Cross Country?

A: The Honda.  No, I'm kidding.  I would much rather ride my Victory Cross Country.  I'm just more of a touring/bagger type rider and I would enjoy riding the CC as a duty bike.

Q:. Slow speed maneuvers: how do you like the CC compared to the Honda?

A: I was very impressed with the CC's maneuverablity - being a bigger bike than the Honda, this was surprising. The Honda is a very manuverable bike, and I enjoy taking it through our training obstacle course.  However with the way the CC's engine is mounted, and its counter-balancing, it is very manuverable from side to side.  I was able to make very tight turns and figure eights, I would really like to take one on our obstacle course. Notice I said "take one", not mine!  So if you would be willing to donate one for "test purposes" I would be willing to be your test rider!

Q: How do you like the off the line get up and go?

A: I love the acceleration off the line and also at highway speeds you can really feel the power and torque from the 106 engine.

Q: How about them saddle bags, you could put the Honda inside one of them! Would this additional storage be beneficial on a Police Cruiser?  If so, how?

A: I love the capacity of the saddle bags, there is much more room than my Harley Road King had, I also like the single lever that allows you to open and close the saddle bag with one hand - even while you're sitting on the bike.  I also think the shape of the saddle bags on the CC are aesthetically more pleasing.  These saddle bags would absolutely be more beneficial, as a motor officer it seems as though you never have enough room.



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