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Let Us Finance Your Victory Police Motorcycles

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Why Finance Your Victory Police Motorcycle?

With tax dollars dwindling and deficits at all-time highs, many state and local governments are struggling to provide the same level of service to the community with less.  Financing allows you to pay for your motorcycles over time, keeping budget dollars available for other essential use purchases needed within your government.

Whether you can afford $250 a month or $2,000 a month, we can work with you to customize a flexible payment plan* based on your needs, to match your budget. 

We offer custom lease programs so your payments can begin as low as $250.00 per month and we can even provide all maintenance included in most applications.

Call us for a quote today at (520) 770-9500!

* Financing rates and eligibility subject to credit approval.

Why Lease Purchase Your Victory Police Motorcycle?
"It simply makes sense"


Why Should My Department Consider a Victory Lease to Own Program?

Police Departments everywhere are struggling to maintain equipment and making due with older less efficient equipment due to the limited dollars available for capital purchases. Citizens in the community expect to have the same police services even though revenue to operate the department is either decreasing or staying the same. At the same time, cost for personnel, equipment and maintenance of equipment have been increasing every year.

Victory has designed a program that helps to eliminate some of the financial stress associated with acquiring new Police Motorcycles. The Victory Program is a unique and economical financing method that allows government entities to obtain FULL OWNERSHIP of their motorcycles on an installment basis with favorable terms.

Victory has designed a plan that can meet most capital budgets. This lease purchase program can meet almost every budget requirement. Victory will make every effort to structure a lease purchase program that not only meets department’s financial needs but, in many instances, will help to free up funds for other needs and at the same time allowing the department to acquire ownership of their motorcycles.

Unlike some lease programs that are just rentals; the department pays and never gains ownership of the equipment, Victory, provides a five year lease purchase program backed up by a full five year warranty. At the end of the lease term the department owns the equipment for $1.00, compared to other programs where the dealer’s takes back the equipment and makes a profit on the value of the returned motorcycles.

With a Victory program the department has the option of purchasing the equipment during the term, trading up with Victory during the lease term, or simply paying until the end and owning the equipment and the equity associated with ownership.

Because Victory provides a warranty for a full five years it makes sense to acquire ownership and equity. By using a Victory lease purchase program the department can lower maintenance and turnover their fleet every 5 years with the equity going to the department and not to the dealer.


A Victory Lease Purchase Program also Provides These Benefits

Obligations incurred by the department under a Victory lease/purchase plan may be treated as a lease for debt limitation purposes. Consequently, your obligation will appear as an encumbrance only in, the amount due during one fiscal period. It will not be long term debt. Only funds due during the current fiscal year need be appropriated.

In most cases where debt limitations laws apply, with the “non-appropriation" clause the governmental entity does not obligate itself, for debt limitation purposes, for more than one fiscal period even though the contract may be for a longer term.

Under tax-exempt leasing, down payments on equipment and lump sum appropriations are not necessary.

NO ADDITIONAL UNDERWRITNG FEES: A Victory lease purchase program involves no additional expenses to the city, county or state other than amortization of the equipment cost plus the carrying interest. On the other hand, bonding means substantial legal fees, underwriting costs and the expense of an election.

NO LARGE CAPITAL OUTLAYS: A Victory lease purchase program can provide the kind of economical financing that eases annual cash flow difficulties for a municipality on a tight budget. Instead of having to make a large capital outlay, the acquisition of equipment can be made over an extended period of time. No additional payment is required at the end of the term to purchase the equipment.

AVOID INFLATION: A Victory lease purchase program permits acquisition of needed equipment today! There is no need to build up capital funds until an outright purchase is possible. No need to watch inflation staying one or two steps ahead of real purchasing power.

QUICK RESPONSE: Funds for equipment purchases can usually be made available in a matter of days after the municipality has entered into a municipal lease contract. This is particularly important in times of emergency when bonds proceeds might not be available for weeks or even months and when the municipality needs the equipment now.

EMERGENCYPURCHASE: Most state laws allow a governing body to purchase equipment without going through the bid process whenever an emergency is declared. A lease/purchase program can be very useful in this situation by fitting payments to the remaining funds available during the current fiscal year.


What Police Departments are Eligible?

State, city, and Native American departments qualify for the Victory Municipal Lease Purchase program. Programs are also available for the federal government.


Contact Victory Police Motorcycles by phone at 520-770-9500 or 800 626-4497 in the U.S or email us here.

Lease Purchase Financing Available

Victory Police Motorcycles is proud to offer Lease Purchase Financing to your municipal agency for the full line of Victory Police Motorcycles and its related products.

Lease Purchase Financing with our leasing partners allows your municipality to purchase vital equipment and property through installment lease payments, with no large, up‐front cash outlays required. As payments are made, the municipality—which maintains ownership of the equipment—builds equity in its investment. Furthermore, because Lease Purchase Financing is not considered “Debt” for municipalities, only the current year’s lease payment(s) is required to be included in the operating budget. With Lease Purchase Financing, the municipality takes title ownership in the equipment at the beginning of the lease and owns the equipment at the end of the lease term.

Victory Police Motorcycles can offer customized financing solutions with low rates, flexible terms, fast quotes, and quick credit approvals. And there are no closing costs or hidden fees. We work directly with our leasing partners, offering a simple, fully supported lease financing program.

At Victory Police Motorcycles, we have made the Lease Purchase Financing process quick and uncomplicated. Municipalities simply complete a short credit application. That’s it! Once credit approval is received, we have the contracts prepared with no legal opinion required for purchases under $250K, saving everyone both time and money.

If your agency has not considered this type of financing in the past, here are a few great reasons why
they should:

• No large, up‐front cash outlays
• Only current year’s lease payment(s) is included in operating budget
• Frees up capital for other needs
• Not considered “Debt”
• Customized payment terms and structures
• Additional emergency equipment tied to the vehicle can be included in the lease
• Maintenance programs or contracts can be included in the lease
• Straight forward documentation
• No hidden fees or closing costs
• Fast credit approval

Additionally, cash purchases reduce funds available for other expenditures and force choosing between essential needs. They also create availability of funds and budget inconsistency issues.

If you have any questions or for a fast quote, please contact us toll-free at (844) 842-2673 or email us here.



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